The objective of this project was to create and develop a platform offering services and information related to various types of investments in France, with a strong focus on rental real estate.

WEBSITE : www.ooinvestir.fr

Design & Devs


Ooinvestir provides detailed information on various types of real estate investment, online simulation tools, comparison features, as well as a blog dedicated to real estate market news and trends.

In a world where investment options are increasingly abundant, it's essential to offer investors an educational and informative platform to guide them in their financial decisions. Ooinvestir seeks to fill this gap by offering a variety of simulation tools, comparison features, and educational content to help users understand and navigate the complex world of financial investment.

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Thanks to our strategic approach and the quality of our tools and content, the financial investment platform experienced significant growth in traffic and conversions. Users appreciated the wealth of information available and the ease of use of the platform, strengthening its reputation as a trusted resource for investors seeking informed advice.

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