The client, a company offering a subscription-based postal and fiscal domiciliation service for digital nomads, faced several challenges. The main pain points included the complexity of the domiciliation process, the need to ensure the confidentiality of mail, and the increasing demand for a smooth and modern user experience.

WEBISTE : www.koulier.com

Design & Devs


In an increasingly connected and mobile world, many professionals are opting for a nomadic lifestyle, working and traveling around the globe. However, managing mail and tax-related matters can be a challenge for these digital nomads. This startup sought to address this issue by offering a flexible and convenient postal domiciliation service, catering to the needs of this new generation of workers.

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Thanks to a user-centered approach and a commitment to innovation, the delivered product perfectly met the client's expected requirements. User feedback has been extremely positive, highlighting the simplicity, reliability, and convenience of the service. The established branding has anchored the brand for every visitor to the site and expanded this brand identity across social networks and communication channels.

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