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This project was undertaken to address a business need expressed by Solocal, a company specializing in advertising, communication, and digital marketing, to establish itself in the market of platforms facilitating connections between law firms and users in search of such services.


Branding & Design


Before proposing the best digital experience and meeting the client's brief, we worked on the following axes:

1. Benchmarking and Market Research: A thorough analysis of the legal services market was conducted to identify gaps in accessibility and connection between users seeking legal advice and law firms. This study identified opportunities for our platform to position itself as a modern and effective solution. A list of different features by competitor was also established to determine our strategic positioning.

2. User Interviews: In-depth interviews were conducted with potential users, as well as law firms, to understand their needs, challenges, and expectations when it comes to finding or providing legal services. These insights were crucial in guiding the platform's development.

3. User Persona Definition: Based on interviews and market data, we developed a detailed user persona. Our user persona is an individual seeking reliable and accessible legal advice, aged 30-40 years, but who may feel intimidated by the complexity of the process of finding and selecting a lawyer. Other socio-demographic and behavioral data were also established.

4. KPI Definition: Key performance indicators were defined to assess the platform's success, including the conversion rate of BtoC users into consultations with lawyers, the number of consultations conducted, different click-through rates at each stage of the journey, cost per acquisition, and user and BtoB professional satisfaction (NPS).

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