Emme Architecture

Emme Studio is an interior architecture firm based in Paris and Marseille, specializing in creating unique and innovative spaces for residential and commercial clients. Their need was to develop a creative identity together that would set them apart from the competition and from rather traditional architect websites. They desired a distinctive visual footprint that reflects their avant-garde approach and draws inspiration from Brutalism principles in (web) design.

WEBSITE : www.emme-architecture.com

Design & Devs


The client faced several challenges:

• Lack of brand identity: The client lacked a coherent brand identity that accurately represented their unique design philosophy and approach.

• Competitive landscape: In a highly competitive market, it's crucial to differentiate and stand out from other interior architecture firms.

• Traditional design aesthetic: Many architect websites adhere to conventional design aesthetics, resembling simple portfolios, and fail to convey the client's innovative and unconventional approach to interior design.

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Scope of work


The implementation of the branding and website design strategy resulted in the following outcomes:‍

• Distinctive Brand Identity: The client successfully established a distinctive brand identity that set them apart from competitors and resonated with their target audience.‍

• Increased Visibility and Recognition: The bold and unconventional branding approach attracted attention and recognition within the interior design community, leading to increased visibility and inquiries from potential clients.‍

• Enhanced Online Presence: The visually striking website effectively showcased the client's project portfolio, boosting engagement and inquiries from potential clients.‍

• Positive Customer Feedback: The client received highly positive feedback from existing and potential clients, praising the creativity and innovation reflected in their branding and website design.‍

Overall, the collaboration resulted in a successful rebranding effort that not only reflected the client's unique design philosophy but also positioned them as a leader in the field of avant-garde interior design.

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